Toscana Contract

The company was established in 1988, entering the market of general contractors for interior design and setting.

Today, the core business focuses on project management aimed at the realization of indoor settings and spaces.

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Trust our experience

In 30 years of experience, Toscana Contract has distinguished for its creativity and innovative thinking inspired by a quality and design-based culture, in complete respect of the environment.

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General Contractor

We take care of every single step, from design to executive management, constantly interacting with our designers and customers.


We realize indoor settings serving the community, paying particular attention to design, the ease of management of functions and inter-relationships between users.


We guarantee project proposals in compliance with the articulated European standards regarding offices. We offer experience, technical skills, sector knowledge, constant research, use of innovative products.


We set up outdoor spaces for companies, communities, habitats, hospitality. The products used are thoroughly designed, tested in every single component, durable and of the highest quality.


We develop the best acoustic solutions for offices and other indoor environments. We select and use specific materials based on characteristics and purpose to ensure the achievement of maximum comfort.


The achievement of the correct visual comfort is the objective of our design effort. Each solution is designed upon the end use of the spaces, achieving at the same time emotional results.

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What they say about us?

The opinion of our customers is by far the most precious goal we aspire to.

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